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MBA Construction, committed to the “Live, Work, and Play” lifestyle, is growing rapidly. Focused on developing multifamily communities in metropolitan areas across the country, the company is currently developing land in Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, and West Virginia. The coming years are only going to get better as our assets continue to grow.

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By joining our family at the corporate office on the northside of Indianapolis, or onsite at one of our many communities, you’ll be provided the unique opportunity for career development and growth in a team environment focused on working smarter not harder. 

Location: Florida Type: Full Time
Job Description

Job Description

MBA Construction a division of the SC Bodner Company is looking for a traveling Finish Superintendent.  This person will travel across the Southeast United States working on the completion of our various Multifamily projects. The Finish Superintendent will be assigned to a project once drywall commences and will remain on the project until the last unit is turned over. 


Principal Objective of Position:

The primary function of the Finish Superintendent is responsible for finishing the required work within each building. The Finish Superintendent also assists the Project Superintendent in all activities leading to the successful, timely, and safe completion of the project.



Previous experience in all aspects of construction supervision, including scheduling and contract supervision. Ability to use independent judgment when performing and scheduling construction activities and initiative when interacting with the daily challenges of the position. High level of Accountability - will hold themselves and others to the highest level of the SC Bodner/MBA Construction standards.  Excellent organizational and time management skills including the ability to multitask, prioritize and meet changing deadlines.  Results-oriented and solution-focused.  Excellent internal and external customer service skills. Transparency, reporting, and sharing of information effectively across all departments.  Excellent oral and written communication skills. 


Additional Requirements:

Exceptional customer service skills. This position requires specific work hours as dictated by the Project Superintendent. This position performs tasks on the various construction sites, maintenance shops, apartments, apartment buildings, and grounds. The majority of tasks are performed on construction sites in all types of weather. Ability to lift up to 100 pounds.  This position may require physical labor/activities for an extended portion of the workday.


Essential Functions:

Determines with the Project Superintendent at what point responsibilities are to take place, usually from the point that the drywall contractor has completed his portion of the drywall hanging and with the beginning of drywall finishing. Directs, schedules, and coordinates all subcontractors in order for the construction schedule to be met.  Writes a complete final punch list prior to construction cleaning and distributes the punch list to subcontractors for the final completion of their work. A copy of all punch lists shall be kept on file within Procore.  Completes all final punch-out work not covered within the subcontractor's scope of work.  Utilizes the critical path schedule as established for the project and schedules such work or material deliveries as the schedule dictates. Makes any major construction-related callbacks once units have been occupied up to the time that the total project is complete.  Participates in the final acceptance walk-through with the Management Company or other governing authority for final acceptance of finished units. Schedules and reviews all finished units for final acceptance with all local building inspectors, inspecting architect, and general maintenance and/or Business Manager.  Maintains a safe working environment for fellow employees, as well as a safe living environment for residents. He/she shall comply with all OSHA and environmental safety standards. Performs other duties as deemed necessary by the Project Manager, Director of Construction, or Owner.  Diplomacy, tact, and a helpful, positive attitude are required.



Competitive Salary, Per Diem to cover all travel expenses, 401k Retirement Plan and Company Health Benefits